Thursday, November 20, 2008

APIIT UCTI 1st Inter College Danze2Nista Review

I am a very, very huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance! I know the winners of each season and I’ve watched every movie known to mankind which involves dancing. What I am trying to say is I just love everything that has to do with dancing. Thanks to the Dance Club in APIIT/UCTI who came up with the first ever Danze2Nista which is an inter-college online and reality dance tournament, I got a chance to see the best college dancers live!

It was a dark night that night. Not that it was raining but it was a Halloween themed event. They had what I would call ‘Mascots’ who really made the event what it was-SPOOKY!! It started off when all the lights went dim and there was a mini light show. 

Then, the music went off as well as the lights and it was dark and silent. Suddenly, music came on and there, standing in the middle of the stage with the spotlight shining on him was Two-Face! Next thing you know, he was modeling! 

Giving a few poses to the song “Fashionista” by Jimmy James. It was totally weird!

  After that, another mascot came on stage to model. It was the sad geisha. When people looked at her, they felt really sad for her. The make-up was so incredible it made the geisha look really sad at all times. Well, I too felt sad when I saw the make-up. It seems to have that effect on everyone. The worst part was, I had to act the part. Astonished? Well, you see, I was the sad geisha on stage.


            The whole night I had to walk amongst the guests looking and acting sad to entertain them. I knew I pulled it off because no one in college could recognize me throughout the event. It wasn’t just because my face was painted, they just could not figure out who the sad geisha was because of the way I acted my role. You see, everyone in college knew me to be the cheerful, bubbly, talkative girl who just can’t keep her mouth shut! But that night, I wanted to make my character come to life so I kept quiet the whole time with the perfect body language to top it off. It was really hard I tell you! At the end of the night, I really did feel like I was depressed and thought I had to go for therapy sessions to recover my true form again. But I got back to my old self after a few minutes. Haha!            

Anyway, I have to say the scariest mascots were the two masters of ceremony. The female MC was a demonic diva whose face was painted a much scarier version of the character Jack Skellington in “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. For the male MC, he was the wicked jester. There was painted blood dripping from his mouth. Let me tell you this, if kids felt scared of clowns after watching the movie ”It”, adults were afraid of jesters after seeing him.

The whole night, students from colleges all over KL showed off their talents and passion for music and dancing. I was shocked to see how well everyone performed. There were hip hop, break dancing, the Cha Cha and Cookie Monster. Yes, you read it right-COOKIE MONSTER! There was a group called Cookie Monster and they had on cookie monster t-shirts. They were so adorable!!


There was even a friend of mine who joined the competition. She is really shy in real life but I was just stunned at how well she could shake her booty like Beyonce on stage. 

Some of the performances were just mind blowing! For example, the winning group, A Crew, their hip hop and break-dance moves were choreographed and performed so brilliantly, it actually made the sad geisha smile with excitement. 

The first runner up was a Kazakhstan couple who danced the Cha Cha. The moves that girl had plus the super sexy dress she don made the guys mouths agape. I swear, They were drooling!       

Besides that, there was an online dance competition where students battled their way through in Super Dancer Online (XDO). I used to think computer games are easy to play but watching the participants move their fingers at the speed of light (If compared to the way I play) trying to outdo each other in the game made me realize that it was not an easy feat. If it was me, my hands would have been sore!
One thing I would like to add is the decoration done. APIIT/UCTI is a very small college yet, the organizers utilized every single space extremely well. The area where the cafeteria used to be was turned into a The Lounge and a clubbers spot. The whole area was dark with only UV lights lighting up the place with a faint blue glow and a DJ spinning at the clubbers spot where laser lights were flashing all over the whole night to entertain everyone at the lounge.

Lastly, which is my most favourite part of all was when one of the judges, 

Fellest Yan gave a performance before announcing the winners of the online and reality dance competition. He rocked the stage! The man was not only a marvelous dancer, he was also hot! My heart melted more and more with every move he made. There was only one word to describe it-YUMMY!


At the end of the night, even though some of the participants went home with minor cuts and bruises yet, everyone went home with a happy heart. It was an exhilarating experience and I can’t wait for it next year!

The APIIT UCTI 1st Inter College Danze2Nista Crew 2008

by Darshini Nadarajan

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Celebrity Danze2zNista 2008

Fellest Yan

Our 2nd celebrity to the GRAND NITE OF Danze2Nista!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Danze2nista Participants Registration

Hey guys,

As the FINAL DAY to register urself for the Tournaments is today, do HURRY up and REGISTER urself.

For those of u that have already inform us about your participation but NOT YET gave us the registration form, we shall OPEN the REGISTRATION till the 30th October 2008, 7pm( WED) to hand us the details.

Here are the details of the Tournaments( Incase u guys didnt notice it)

Reality Dance Tournament
Registration Fees- RM50 per teamGroup-
Consist of 2-8 people
Performing time- Not more then 5minutes
There will not be any audition but a perliminary round on the 1st November 2008 to get the top 10group for FINALS
Registration form can be downloaded at the side bar.
RM2,000+ SONY BMG Items for CHAMPION
Online Dance Tournament (SUPER DANCE ONLINE)
Registration Fees- RM15 per person
There will no be any audtion but a perliminary round on the 1st Novermber 2008 to get the top 12 for FINALS
Registration form can be downloaded at the side bar.
RM1,000+ SDO Items for CHAMPION

Danze2Nista Featuring

DJ Nesh (R&B Music) from EUPHORIA
DJ Kevin (House Music) from RUUM's KL, Shadow KL, Illusion Bangsar

APIIT UCTI 1st Inter-College DanZe2NisTa

For ticketing info:

Ticket is RM15 and are limited.

With every purchase, u get:

FREE Ticket to Euphoria MOS
FREE Goody bags
FREE Drinks
FREE flow of FUN

So, for those that are intesrested get the tickets by contacting the following people.

Edmund Quah-0169789048
Elly Lim-0129707263
Ji Hin-0173641638
Ji Hsia-0146493413

C’est la vie!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Danze2Nista Participants

Hey guys,

For those of u that have not register, pls do as we have,


RM10, 000 worth of PRIZE TO win!!!

See u guys there!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Grand Danze2Nista Nite

YO READERS, let’s not make this too much but a little update on our 1st Inter College Danze2NisTa!

Besides what was told before this, don’t forget we’ll also have the “USHER BATTLE during the tournament! What’s USHER BATTLE? Yea, that’s what all of you wants to see, the FREESTYLE BATTLE sponsored by Sony BMG Usher! Winners will win the latest Usher album, Here I Am”! Isn’t it attracting? Come and join us and get the latest album by Usher!

Don’t worry that u might get BORED during the event, we’ve SPOOKY GAMES for y’ll as well as clowns (they aren’t ordinary!) who will be keeping y’ll entertain!! Not to worry about MCs too, we’ve the most famous MC from, WELL, you’ll know who they are on the day itself! So come and join our very entertaining event this coming November.

Don’t forget we’ve TWO different dance floors,
TWO different genre of music being played, and
TWO different DJs to keep you enjoy yourself with others around us.
We have HOUSE MUSIC and R&B played by our very famous DJ from Euphoria by Ministry of Sound and also FREE Danze2Nista After Party TICKETS at EUPHORIA ......and not to forget, we do provide y’ll mocktail and snacks on the event itself!

Last but not least, we’ve also invited a very famous Latin dancer, Janet Gooi, who had been a 7-time undefeated Latin Malaysian champion in the Grade A Latin category to be one of our judge! So don’t miss the scene and join us in the event ya…

Monday, October 13, 2008

APIIT UCTI 1st Inter-College DanZe2NisTa

Proudly present
The 1st Inter-College DanZe2NisTa
Online N Reality Dance Tournament 2008

ATTENTION TO ALL THE YOUNGSTERS, the month of October is the month where each and every one of you will enjoy the very first Inter-College Danze2Nista Online N Reality Dance Tournament organized by APIIT UCTI! What are you guys & gals waiting for? Details are as below:-

When: 1st November 2008 @ 6pm
Why: Coz it’s TOO HOT to MISS!!!

Celebrity DJs
2 Dance Floors to Party on
Usher’s dance battle
Hitz FM
MyC! Magazine
Many more…

*** FOC for LADIES before 7pm! ***

BUT before that, there are a few important DATES for you pupils. Check out the dates below before the actual event cause participants are required to pre-register for the tournament as well as attending the preliminary rounds before proceeding to the FINALS:-

Tournaments Registration
Date : 1st August 2008 till 24th October 2008
Where : Download the registration form at the side bar or
Call Jee Hin- 0173641638, Elly- 0129707263, Edmund- 0169789048

Preliminary round for the tournaments
Date : 1st November 2008
Venue : APIIT UCTI Main Campus
Time : 10am- 5pm

Grand Finale
Date : 1st November 2008
Venue : APIIT UCTI Main Campus
Time : 6pm on ward
Theme : Dance Festival

Do you feel like dancing Online? Want to dance in reality? We’ve both type of dance competition available now! Want to be challenged to be the Champ? For those who are interested in participating in our online and reality DanZe2NisTa tournament, we will have the popular Super Dance Online (SDO) game and reality dance tournament! What are you waiting for?

Here is the list of the people in-charge of the tournament. Do not hesitate to contact the following:-
Person in charge

Edmund Quah-0169789048
Elly Lim-0129707263
Ji Hin-0173641638

Anyway the MOST INTERESTING part isn’t about the info but the PRIZES! So what are the prizes for the winners? Here is the list:-

Prizes for the Reality Dance Competition

1st Prize – RM2, 000 + Sponsors
2nd Prize – RM800 + Sponsors
3rd Prize – RM500 + Sponsors

Prizes for the Online Dance Tournament

1st Prize – RM1, 000 + Sponsors
2nd Prize – RM500 + Sponsors
3rd Prize – RM300 + Sponsors

Here are some details of the important dates for the side events:-

Workshop Registration
Date : 1st August 2008 till 26th October 2008
Where : Call Ken-0176495087, Danny- 0123939163, Edmund- 0169789048

Workshops and booths
Date : 28th – 31th October 2008
Venue : APIIT UCTI Main Campus
Time : 10am – 5pm

Last but not least, here is our address as well as the map of our main campus.

Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT)
Technology Park Malaysia
Bukit Jalil,
57000 Kuala LumpurMalaysia
See you guys there on the respective dates!

C’est la vie!
Article by aLbY

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Danze2Nista 2008 Participants Info

Hey, for anyone that are interested in the Tournaments, here are some briefs info:

Reality Dance Tournament
Registration Fees- RM50 per team
Group- Consist of 2-8 people
Performing time- Not more then 5minutes
There will not be any audition but a perliminary round on the 1st November 2008 to get the top 10group for FINALS
Registration form can be downloaded at the side bar.

Online Dance Tournament
Registration Fees- RM15 per person
There will no be any audtion but a perliminary round on the 1st Novermber 2008 to get the top 12 for FINALS
Registration form can be downloaded at the side bar.

For more info, feel free to ask us on the chatter box or email to us or sms or call us. Thanks you

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations of the Tournament is attach together with the Registration Form, so DOWNLOAD( at the SIDE BAR) the registration form to get a copy of the rules and regulations. Thanks