Monday, October 13, 2008

APIIT UCTI 1st Inter-College DanZe2NisTa

Proudly present
The 1st Inter-College DanZe2NisTa
Online N Reality Dance Tournament 2008

ATTENTION TO ALL THE YOUNGSTERS, the month of October is the month where each and every one of you will enjoy the very first Inter-College Danze2Nista Online N Reality Dance Tournament organized by APIIT UCTI! What are you guys & gals waiting for? Details are as below:-

When: 1st November 2008 @ 6pm
Why: Coz it’s TOO HOT to MISS!!!

Celebrity DJs
2 Dance Floors to Party on
Usher’s dance battle
Hitz FM
MyC! Magazine
Many more…

*** FOC for LADIES before 7pm! ***

BUT before that, there are a few important DATES for you pupils. Check out the dates below before the actual event cause participants are required to pre-register for the tournament as well as attending the preliminary rounds before proceeding to the FINALS:-

Tournaments Registration
Date : 1st August 2008 till 24th October 2008
Where : Download the registration form at the side bar or
Call Jee Hin- 0173641638, Elly- 0129707263, Edmund- 0169789048

Preliminary round for the tournaments
Date : 1st November 2008
Venue : APIIT UCTI Main Campus
Time : 10am- 5pm

Grand Finale
Date : 1st November 2008
Venue : APIIT UCTI Main Campus
Time : 6pm on ward
Theme : Dance Festival

Do you feel like dancing Online? Want to dance in reality? We’ve both type of dance competition available now! Want to be challenged to be the Champ? For those who are interested in participating in our online and reality DanZe2NisTa tournament, we will have the popular Super Dance Online (SDO) game and reality dance tournament! What are you waiting for?

Here is the list of the people in-charge of the tournament. Do not hesitate to contact the following:-
Person in charge

Edmund Quah-0169789048
Elly Lim-0129707263
Ji Hin-0173641638

Anyway the MOST INTERESTING part isn’t about the info but the PRIZES! So what are the prizes for the winners? Here is the list:-

Prizes for the Reality Dance Competition

1st Prize – RM2, 000 + Sponsors
2nd Prize – RM800 + Sponsors
3rd Prize – RM500 + Sponsors

Prizes for the Online Dance Tournament

1st Prize – RM1, 000 + Sponsors
2nd Prize – RM500 + Sponsors
3rd Prize – RM300 + Sponsors

Here are some details of the important dates for the side events:-

Workshop Registration
Date : 1st August 2008 till 26th October 2008
Where : Call Ken-0176495087, Danny- 0123939163, Edmund- 0169789048

Workshops and booths
Date : 28th – 31th October 2008
Venue : APIIT UCTI Main Campus
Time : 10am – 5pm

Last but not least, here is our address as well as the map of our main campus.

Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology (APIIT)
Technology Park Malaysia
Bukit Jalil,
57000 Kuala LumpurMalaysia
See you guys there on the respective dates!

C’est la vie!
Article by aLbY


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